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Fulfilling the chemical requirements of many industries with our effective chemicals including Poly Aluminium Liquid Chloride, Blue Copper Sulphate Powder, Isopropyl Alcohol, etc.

About Us

The chemical industry has witnessed steady progress due to an increase in the demand for chemical-based products, as these are commonly utilized in numerous applications. Identifying this criterion, we, Amar Acid And Chemicals Co. started our company in the year 1993, in order to show our industrial expertise. Since that time, we have maintained our competitive edge in the market as an exporter, supplier as well as a trader of various effective chemicals, including Blue Copper Sulphate Powder, Crystal Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, Glacial Acetic Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Yellow Sodium Sulphide Flakes, Dilute Acid, Concentrated Acid,etc.
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Marketing Strategies

Every company ultimately aims to reach out to as many customers as possible, but a strong set of marketing strategy is necessary to achieve this. In the same way, we have formed the best specified marketing strategies in our company that have always allowed us to provide the best services to our clients. The following are some of its main components:
  • We closely analyze the demand and modernize our product line, accordingly.

Journey till Date

The long journey of a company helps to determine its strong market position and we have maintained our prominence in the market throughout the long journey of our company, Amar Acid And Chemicals Co. In our experience of more than 27 years, we have revamped the chemical industry with our effective range of chemicals which includes Glacial Acetic Acid, Yellow Sodium Sulphide Flakes, Blue Copper Sulphate Powder, Sulphuric Acid, Crystal Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, etc.
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